Mikro Beach Hotel - Pelion Greece

The majestic Pelion peninsula is one of the most beautiful and unique parts of all of Greece. It is a place where beauty and nature blend perfectly with magic and myth.

With the stunning clear waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Pelion is one of the most beautiful, and offers perfect moments for those who visit this region of Greece during the summer months.

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Pelion is the perfect combination of mountain and sea, with the various villages and hamlets scattered all around the peninsula, each adding their own piece of magic and charm, that make Pelion such a special place.

Each season in Pelion brings with it a new setting, with the colours, aromas and landscape constantly changing. This is one of the reasons that Pelion is so popular throughout the year.

During the summer months, the coastal resorts and villages are filled with visitors from all over the world, who have come to sample a traditional and untouched Greek landscape and experience. With the beautiful beaches, and a wide range of activites from horseriding, to watersports, Pelion is perfect for summer.

The winter season in Pelion sees the more mountainous villages becoming busy, mainly due to the operation of the famous Pelion ski centre of Agriolefkes on Mount Pelion. Here, visitors take part in winter sports at a unique facility which offers views across the whole Pelion peninsula.

The small coastal hamlet of Mikro, situated in the south of Pelion is an ideal destination for holidays away from the stress, noise and crowds of everyday life. It is perfectly located to offer you tranquil moments, where you can simply unwind and relax in complete peace. The famous sandy beach of Mikro is one of the best in all of Pelion, and here you will truly enjoy some very special moments.

For all of your accommodation needs in Mikro, look no further than the "Mikro Beach Hotel". Situated about 20 meters from the sandy beach, the "Mikro Beach Hotel" offers you a fantastic selection of rooms and accommodation for your stay here in Pelion.

Hotels Pelion Greece Mikro Beach Hotel Pilio Pelion